What is a Windows Driver?

Drivers (also known as Device Drivers) are software program that operates or controls a particular type of device that is connected to a computer. The main objective of driver is to allow your computer to communicate with hardware or device. For example, if you connect a printer to your computer, it will not recognize it as a printer and you will not be able to use it properly. After the installation of Printer Driver you will have a software interface to your Printer Device and you will be able to access functions of the printer. From time to time, the developers of drivers are launching updates of the drivers, to fix some previous bugs and errors. Every time the update is available you need to update your Drivers so it will work correctly with your hardware. However, when you connect your device to a computer for the first time, Windows will try to find a default driver for that device. The problem is that those drivers are most of the times are outdated and your device will not work at its full performance or in worst case will not work at all.

There are so many drivers that we have decided to sort all drivers in several groups below:

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